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North Sea 1967 Automatic Limited Edition


When all started in the North Sea.

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  North Sea
  Diving  Men  Sport
  Bezel  Date
  Bronse  Nylonrem
  43 mm
Water resistance
  320 meter – 32 ATM

When all started in the North Sea...

The icy waters of the North Sea are unforgiving. Doing work from 70 to more than 300 meters deep, in pitch-black water and under a crushing pressure many times greater than that on the surface, is a demanding exercise that requires courage and skill. The North Sea divers had what it took.

The first oil discovery made on the Norwegian continental shelf was Balder in the North Sea in 1967. A new era began.

These brave pioneers in professional diving contributed to the discovery of huge oil riches beneath the sea surface, which in turn paved the way for Norway to invest in social and environmentally friendly projects worldwide - to the benefit of Norwegians for generations to come.

North Sea 1967 Limited Edition, manufactured by Swiss watchmaker Edox, marks this exceptional event with a brand new and exclusive bronze watch.

Edox is proud to be the official manufacturer of the North Sea 1967 Limited Edition - a watch with robust sports features that can be used anytime, anywhere.

About the watch

Naturally, the North Sea 1967 Historical Limited Edition has outstanding water resistance – down to 320m.

The case is made of bronze, and the hands and indices are coated with Superluminova for enhanced visibility at night or in the water, and the individually numbered case back features a stylised diver’s helmet, the official logo of the North Sea Divers. Resplendent with a black leather strap or with a water resistant black nylon and leather strap, the North Sea 1967 Historical Limited Edition is a striking addition to the Edox collection and a fitting tribute to the North Sea’s deep-dive pioneers.

North Sea Divers – heroes of the deep.

The watch comes in a waterproof Kevlar suitcase and comes with two straps - one exclusive dark brown leather strap and one black custom made nylon strap that you can use in water. Both straps are equipped with quick shift.

Limited Edition

The watch comes in two series. The official series goes by the name Edox North Sea 1967 Collection and is available in only 320 pieces worldwide. But since Swiss Time owns the rights to the North Sea brand and is behind the design of the watches, a separate series is produced in only 30 pieces – the North Sea 1967 Collection. This series of 30 pieces is sold exclusively here at – this unique watch is not sold anywhere else in the world.

Already now, you can secure a piece of this exclusive model – only 30 pieces available. Pre-order today!

Delivery July/August 2020.

Technical features

  • Ø43MM
  • 120G

Read the history about the North Sea Divers here

North Sea

The brand "North Sea" is owned by Swiss Time AS in all EU countries, Norway and Switzerland for the past 13 years. We have been informed that Bremont and Steinhart have produced watch models called "North Sea", which they do not have permission to. This is considered illegal and may result in liability. The first thing to do when creating a new watch brand is to check item class 14 in the country where you want to produce the watches, which obviously these suppliers have not done. Only Swiss Time AS is entitled to the brand "North Sea", and Edox is licensed to produce "Edox North Sea Collection". Legal action is being taken by Swiss Time AS and Edox to stop the above models.

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