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Passion for the Unique

At you will find unique watches for every occasion, from small watch factories that think quality over quantity.

Passion for the Unique – Swiss Time

Passion for watches is the driving force behind this online store – it comes before sales. We focus on suppliers who have the same focus as us, and only those really passionate about what they are doing. Therefore, watches found on this site is a bit hard to find elsewhere.

To be an ambassador for, you must have real passion for what you are doing within sports, music, hobby or subjects. And of course – you have to love some of the watches we have in our portfolio.

We receive shipment from Switzerland every week, so normally you will receive your watch within 2 weeks from the date of purchase. Watches from Brellum has about 3 weeks delivery time.

We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with us.

The Swiss Time team

Henning Sømoen – Swiss Time

Henning Sømoen

Axel Ferdinand Giæver – Swiss Time

Axel Ferdinand Giæver
Design & development

Hanna Karenina Moen – Swiss Time

Hanna Karenina Moen

Swiss Time