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Swiss Watches from Edox

Exclusive diving watches, sports watches and suit watches from Edox.

Swiss Watches from Edox – Swiss Time
Edox Skydiver 70s Date Automatic – Swiss Time
Brand new!

Edox Skydiver 70s Date Automatic

Now Edox is releasing a new SkyDiver, in homage to its 135-year history and for aficionados of fine military timepieces.

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Ultra-Complex Cases – Swiss Time
Diving watches from Edox

Ultra-Complex Cases

Edox timing instruments are made for performance. Their complex cases are made with the highest precision and attention to detail. All in Swiss made quality.

Made for Champions – Swiss Time
Sports watches from Edox

Made for Champions

Edox is the official timekeeper of various competitions and races around the globe. And as a result of this, many athletes and explorers are relying on the quality of their Edox watches.

Handmade Masterpieces – Swiss Time
Suit watches from Edox

Handmade Masterpieces

Every single part of an Edox watch is made to exact specifications with the lowest possible fabrication tolerances. Nevertheless: Assembly and regulation are still done by hand by skilled watchmakers.

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