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In collaboration with Swiss watchmaker Edox, launches a historical diving watch based on what happened in the North Sea in 1978.

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The inverse moon landing – Swiss Time
North Sea 1978

The inverse moon landing

The deepest working dive in the North Sea ever at the time, was completed in Skånevikfjord, down to breathtaking 320 meters. It was nicknamed «the inverse moonlanding».

North Sea 1978 – Swiss Time
World first!

North Sea 1978

North Sea 1978 Limited Edition is manufactured by Swiss watchmaker Edox, which has been manufacturing watches for more than 136 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of diving watches.

The watch has a 43 mm case and bezel in matt black DLC (stainless steel) and black dial. Comes in an exclusive, numbered special edition of 70 copies exclusively for the Norwegian market.

NOK 23 390,-

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Comes in a waterproof Kevlar suitcase and comes with two straps – one exclusive dark brown leather strap and one black custom made nylon strap that you can use in water.

1967 to 1978 – Swiss Time

1967 to 1978

Before 1967, the world had little knowledge of deep diving. Professional divers working on oil platforms on the Gulf of Mexico and outside California performed dives at depths of 10 to 30 meters. But when they started diving in 1965 in the North Sea, the divers started from 70 meters downwards. The deepest working dive in the North Sea at that time was carried out in 1978.

The world at that time had little experience with how inhaled gases of various kinds, combined with pressure, affected the human body. Sometimes some gases can become toxic when they reach a certain pressure. The experience of that time means that one has to obtain a special permit today to perform dives deeper than 180 meters on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Due to the efforts of the pioneer divers in the North Sea, Norway is today one of the richest countries in the world. 3% of all North Sea Collection watch sales go back to the North Sea divers.

The pictures on this page show some of the dramatic everyday life of a North Sea diver.

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