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At you will find professional diving watches that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

 – Swiss Time
Ready for the most extreme conditions – Swiss Time
Delma Blue Shark III

Ready for the most extreme conditions

Blue Shark III is waterproof down to extreme 4000 m / 13120 feet. With helium valve and bezel that can only be screwed one way, the watch meets the demands of the most critical of professional deep-sea divers.

Professional Diving Watches – Swiss Time

With a fortified crown and luminescent markers, you can dive into unfamiliar territory - in all light conditions.

Unique features – Swiss Time

Unique features

Orange and blue neon details and large hands compliment a solid dial and make the watch mesmerizing and unique. An interchangeable rubber strap with bespoke details makes the watch easily modifiable for adventure on land or water.

Into the deep with Swiss Time – Swiss Time

Into the deep with Swiss Time


NYD is a private diving school founded in 1989 and is today a world leader in its field. Located at Nesodden on Fagerstrand pier, south of Oslo. A modern and efficient facility, combined with ideal conditions for diving, contributes to the annual schooling of as many as 10,000 dives by students from all over the world.

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